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We are now at our new Hobbs Farm location! Hours for this week are: Wednesday, July 29th 4-9pm, Thursday, July 30th 4-9pm, Friday, July 31st 11am-9pm (kitchen opens at noon), Saturday, August 1st 11am-9pm (kitchen opens at noon), and Sunday, August 2nd 12-7:00pm.

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Throwback Brewery Google Maps Lafayette Road 300 by 199 We are opening at Hobbs Farm soon! Come visit!

On Tap

Throwback Brewery Tap line We have 12 taps that tend to change over pretty quickly, so check here to see what we have on tap now.


Throwback Brewery Best of NH 2013

We’ve been thrilled with the recognition we’ve received since we open a few short years ago! Check out some of our most notable accolades.

Customer Feedback

“Your beer is amazing! I am in total awe of everything you do right down to your marketing, art, local food concepts, everything.”
“My husband and I (and a lot of our friends) love your beer! We make many trips to your brewery to fill growlers/growlettes. We love how small and friendly your whole staff is and look forward to visiting.”
“Throwback already has one of the nicest, most laid-back tasting rooms I’ve visited anywhere–and that’s in an industrial park. I can’t wait to see what you do with this beautiful old farm.”
“Guys, I just poured my first glass of Spicy Bohemian Pilsener with jalapeno. This is the summer brew I have been waiting for. I love it more than my wife.”
“Love LOVE L O V E Fennel Flower Stout. I finally (I can’t believe it has taken me this long) to pay you all a visit late yesterday. Very impressed. Keep up the good work, and I’ll be back!”
“I love your beer and your vision for your brewery. I believe I’ve found my favorite brand of beer!”