Throwback is a small, inspired brewery dedicated to crafting delicious, farm-fresh beers from local ingredients.  Our vision at Throwback is to acquire 100% of our ingredients (such as hops, wheat, barley, fruit, and spices) from within 200 miles of the brewery. Currently, we are about 70 to 90% of the way there (depending on the beer) – which is really unique for the industry and something we are quite proud of.

Crafting beer from what is around us isn’t a new idea.  Many breweries in the pre-prohibition era sourced their raw ingredients locally and then processed them before brewing.  To that end, our brewery is really a throwback to the past.  We strive to make small batches of high quality, artisanal beer from the freshest of local ingredients, with the intent that these beers be enjoyed by our surrounding communities.

While the name Throwback really represents our nod to the past, it also has a second meaning, which is throwing back a beer with friends and celebrating the good times. Since our beers are very approachable and easy to ‘throwback’, we think our name does a great job capturing the spirit of our brewery!

Finally, Throwback seeks to conduct business in ways that are healthier for the environment:

  • All of our spent grain is used by local farmers as feed for their livestock.
  • We encourage our customers to purchase our reusable growlers and to recycle our bottles.
  • We save the water used to cool the hopped wort for brewing the next day.