Throwback Brewery was founded by Annette Lee and Nicole Carrier in 2010 as a way to combine two passions: brewing great beer and supporting local agriculture.  We started selling beer in July of 2011 and haven’t looked back since!

Annette Lee
Annette LeeCo-Founder & Head Brewer
Annette is the Head Brewer, Chief-Optimist and certified MIT card-carrying engineer (which every good brewery needs!). Annette spent close to 20 years working as an environmental engineer before making the jump to a small brewery owner. Annette started crafting her brewing skills over a decade ago when she borrowed a few buckets from a friend, bought the necessary ingredients, and started to homebrew. It didn’t take long for Annette to get hooked, and for friends and family to start bugging her for beer! In 2007, Annette started taking brewing courses from the renowned Siebel institute in Chicago. In 2008, she completed Siebel’s World Brewing Academy Concise Course in Brewing Technology, while also doing an internship at Smuttynose Brewery. In mid-2010, Annette started pursuing her dreams full-time, launching Throwback Brewery. Annette is a tireless worker, an amazing brewer, one of the smartest women you will ever meet, and truly passionate about our vision!
Nicole Carrier
Nicole CarrierCo-Founder
Nicole is our Marketing Guru, Chief Realist, and card-carrying M.B.A, handling marketing, social media, technology, and most of the business stuff. Before starting Throwback Brewery, Nicole homebrewed for over 10 years, but now mostly dreams up new recipes for Annette and team to expertly craft. Besides recipe development, Nicole’s favorite aspect of owning a brewery is getting to meet and interact with all of the amazing people in the community- from the farmers, to the chefs, to the fellow brewers, and, of course,Throwback’s amazing customers. Nicole also enjoys spreading the love of craft beer to more and more people – especially when she can get someone who didn’t think they liked dark beer to say ‘oh, I like it!’. Nicole has a B.A. from Dartmouth College in Economics and Math, and an M.B.A. from the Tuck School at Dartmouth.

Our Valuable Team Members

Annette & Nicole are backed up by a small, but passionate crew of full- and part-time employees and volunteers. The whole Throwback team is not just focused on local sourcing, sustainability, and green practices because it is the hip thing to do. Rather, we have spent most of our lives trying to support local farmers and reduce our carbon footprint. Being “green” is a passion of ours, and, as a result, it is simply part of our company’s DNA. Besides, we have always been slightly more geeky than hip anyway. :)

Christopher Naro
Christopher NaroAssistant Brewer
We hired Chris for his work ethic, huge heart, and infectious laugh. Lucky for us, he transformed from a home-brewing banker into a really great professional brewer under Annette’s tutelage over the past year. Chris loves music, art, great food, trying new craft beers, and hanging out with his fiancé, Sara.  Chris holds a BA in Studio Art from Plymouth State University.
KatherineHonorary Founder
If you’ve ever been to our tasting room, chances are that you have seen our friend Katherine helping out. Katherine’s a master of organization, fun, funny, and always game for adventure. Katherine’s been with us since the beginning, so we consider her an honorary founder. Katherine is a smarty, too, holding a degree in engineering from Cornell and a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh.