Love Me Long Time – our Bohemian pilsener – is crisp, light, and refreshing – perfect for drinking outside on a sunny day. Although this beer is brewed to reflect a traditional Bohemian-style pilsener, it is made with 100% ingredients from the USA, including plenty of aromatic Perle and local Willamette hops. So grab your friends, your dog, or your lawn mower (or all three! :) ), head outside and enjoy!

What’s with the name, you might ask? Well, we like to think of this beer as our ‘session’ beer. Given the relatively low alcohol percentage (compared to most craft beers), you can certainly have several of these beers in a sitting. You can love this beer for a long time!


The Stats

4.8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 40 IBU


This crisp beer pairs well with a lot of food.  We like drinking it with aged gouda, roasted chicken, fish & chips, lobster, and fried seafood.


Love Me Long Time is available all year long, and can be purchased in kegs and growlers.