Dippity Do American Brown Ale - Throwback BreweryDippity Do is an American-style brown ale that is as fun to drink as it is to say.  Hopped like a pale ale, medium-bodied and extremely satisfying, this beer has a beautiful rich brown color with slight caramel and roasty / coffee undertones.

If you are a fan of pale ales, then we are certain that you will become a fan of Dippity Do!

Note- if you are wondering which of our beers is nearest and dearest to the heart’s of our head-brewer Annette, than this is it! Nicole and Annette first home brewed Dippity Do over 12 years ago, and this was also the first beer they brewed professionally.


The Stats

5.6% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 35 IBU


Pair this beer with roasted, grilled, and braised meats, as well as dark chocolate.


Dippity Do is available all year long, and can be purchased in bottles, kegs, and growlers.