Fat Alberta Chocolate Peanut Imperial Stout - Throwback BreweryFat Alberta is a flavorful, chocolate peanut butter imperial stout that will make your taste buds sing!  Even if you think you don’t like stouts or dark beers, we bet that Fat Alberta will win you over with her rich, chocolate roasty flavors and her intoxicating peanut butter aroma & finish.  It’s a dessert in itself!

Note – we brew Fat Alberta once a year, sometimes twice. When we release the beer, we sell out here at the brewery in a day. This makes folks wonder ‘why don’t you brew it more often then??’. We don’t because it is a very expensive beer for us to make – taking up one of our fermenters for months. Given the high alcohol percentage, we also get half the yield of our typical batches. As a result, Fat Alberta is a special treat that we (and our customers) look forward to every year – just a few weeks before Christmas!

The Stats

9.5% Alcohol by Volume (Beware- Alberta will woo you with her smoothness, but she can deliver a kick!)  78 IBU


We like to drink Fat Alberta by itself, as a dessert, or alongside some dark chocolate.  If you are feeling more adventurous, there are a lot of creative ways to use this beer. Make an ice cream float. Add Alberta to your brownies. Make your own ice cream flavored with Alberta!  Let us know what you come up with!


Fat Alberta is available once or twice a year – usually in December –  and can be purchased in bottles.