Hopstruck Red IPA - Throwback BreweryHopstruck is a red India Pale Ale that should appeal to the self-proclaimed “hop-heads” or IPA-lovers out there.  With a beautiful dark red color, a crisp, citrus-y aroma, and a lingering hop finish, this beer is sure to please both your eyes and your palette!

We always get asked which is our most popular beer. That’s pretty hard to gauge since we don’t have all of our beer available all of the time. That being said, Hopstruck is right near the top of the list. Perhaps this is due to the fact that so many folks love of hops? Or, it could be the caramel undertones and perfectly balanced amount of hops in this beer. Stop by and let us know what you think!


The Stats

6.4% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 71 IBU


Pair this beer with grilled meats, salads with creamy cheeses (like goat and bleu), or a nice juicy burger.


Hopstruck is available all year long, and can be purchased in kegs and growlers.