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24 08, 2016

Sunflowers & Hoppiness – Hoppin’ Summer Series Beer #4

By |August 24, 2016|One-off Beers, Our beer|0 Comments

The sun is shining on our latest beer - Sunflowers & Hoppiness A Brew House conversation re; Sunflowers & Hoppiness - our newest beer: Me (Nicole): 'Hey, Chris - did you put weed into this new beer?' Brewer Chris (who sometimes can't hear too well): 'Seeds? Yes, we put the sunflowers seeds in there that were malted at Valley Malt.' [...]

11 08, 2016

Hoppy Oat Lucky – Hoppin’ Summer Series Beer #3

By |August 11, 2016|One-off Beers, Our beer|0 Comments

Hoppy Oat Lucky - The Latest Beer in Our Hoppin' Summer Series We've been having a lot of fun this Summer with our Hoppin' Summer Series! And, given how fast we are going through these beers, it seems like you guys are having fun drinking them, too! We are now up to our third beer in this experimental hoppy series --- [...]

28 07, 2016

Scapegoat Coconut Porter

By |July 28, 2016|One-off Beers|0 Comments

Cheryl, Chris, and Bruce 'discussing' how Scapegoat Porter was made Let me tell you a little story about our latest beer - Scapegoat Coconut Porter. It all started about three weeks ago, when our team was getting ready to brew Maple-Kissed Wheat Porter. Brewer Cheryl was downstairs milling the grain, when Bruce - our traveling alesman - allegedly interrupted her by asking [...]

13 07, 2016

Summah Haze – Hoppin’ Summer Series Beer #2

By |July 13, 2016|One-off Beers, Seasonals|0 Comments

It's the Perfect Day for Summah Haze! Last month, we unveiled our Hoppin' Summer Series - a short series of experimental, small batch beers each designed to highlight a unique or special hop. Last month we released Beer From Here, which ended up being one of the fastest selling beers that we have ever made, while also having the side [...]

8 06, 2016

Introducing the Hoppin’ Summer Series and Beer From Here Pale Ale

By |June 8, 2016|One-off Beers, Our beer|3 Comments

Cheers to Local! Beer From Here- Pale Ale. Throwback brewer Chris is a hop head. I often find him waxing poetic about the aromas and flavors of various hops, or talking excitedly about a rare hop he happened to get his hands on. Lucky for us, Chris' knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for hops has driven him to progressively refine [...]

10 04, 2016

She Sells Seashells – Our Latest Beer!

By |April 10, 2016|Our beer, Seasonals|0 Comments

On April 2, we released a new beer called She Sells Seashells. So far, we have received rave reviews from everybody who has tried it! For those of you who have yet to give it a whirl, here are some details: She Sells Seashells is a super refreshing blonde ale that will make you yearn for beautiful, sunny days lounging near the ocean. She Sells [...]

23 03, 2016

Smoked Apple Porter

By |March 23, 2016|One-off Beers, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

Well, here we are already. Every year it seems to go faster than the last! Yes, we are already up to the last beer in our Unafraid of the Dark V series. This year we really tried to come up with a set of beers that were pretty different from each other in terms of flavor profile and style. We made a Black [...]

6 03, 2016

Honey Oatmeal Stout

By |March 6, 2016|One-off Beers, Our beer, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

Honey Oatmeal Stout: Rooster Approved! I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Every year when we start selling our Unafraid of the Dark beer cards, we tend to know five of the beers that we plan to brew, and the sixth - well, let's just say that one of us gets some inspiration along the way, and [...]

24 02, 2016

Carrot Cake Milk Stout

By |February 24, 2016|One-off Beers, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

Behold - A Drunken Carrot As many of you know, this is our fifth year of doing our Unafraid of the Dark series. Every year, we think 'how can we possibly come up with six new dark beers that we have never done before?' But then, magically, we we always seem to come up with new and fresh ideas [...]

9 02, 2016

Sledding Through The Forest – A Cascadian Dark Ale with Juniper & Balsam

By |February 9, 2016|One-off Beers, Our beer, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

Tips (Balsam) & Berries (Juniper) A few weeks back, I walked into the brewery and it smelled so, so good. Now, I usually think the brewery smells great, since it often smells like baking bread, caramel sweetness, and the magic of beer being born. On that particular day it smelled almost like Christmas - but not quite that strong. [...]