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14 11, 2015

Fat Alberta Release

By |November 14, 2015|events, Food, Seasonals|2 Comments

Fat Alberta Release- December 13th at 12pm  @Throwback Brewery at Hobbs Farm-

The holiday season has always been a time for family and friends, but it’s also a time for cold temperatures, warm sweaters, comfort food, and fun traditions. Here at Throwback we have some traditions of our own, and this December we invite you to partake in the annual […]

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22 05, 2015

Carrie On – A Tribute Beer

By |May 22, 2015|Our beer|3 Comments

**Update May 29, 2015** Listen to the NHPR interview with co-founder Nicole about this beer.

Did you ever meet someone, and you just clicked? And, even though you might not have know that person that well, or spent time with that person outside of work or even one-on-one, you had a connection? Well, for Annette and myself, that is how […]

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8 12, 2014

Escape the Mall with Fat Alberta & Friends III

By |December 8, 2014|events, Seasonals|0 Comments

It’s almost the holidays, which means that jolly ‘old Fat Alberta is coming to town! Please join us on Sunday, December 14th anytime from 12pm to 4pm for:

– 4 oz samples of Fat Alberta for 2 dollars
– 4 oz samples of our oatmeal stout primed with molasses. Yep, we are doing a pin here!
– 16.9 fl oz bottles of […]

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22 09, 2014

Just Beet Wit

By |September 22, 2014|One-off Beers, Our beer, Seasonals|0 Comments

When I was in 6th grade, I was very into Michael Jackson. In fact, one of my fondest memories was taking a dance class where we did our recital to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. I still smile just thinking about it.

So, when it came time to naming our latest beer – a Belgian-style White (or Wit), enhanced with an heirloom […]

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22 08, 2014

Hankie’s Pale Ale

By |August 22, 2014|Our beer|1 Comment

My dog Hank was a pretty special guy. Super mellow. Loved to hang outside all day, relax, and watch the world go by. He would ‘fish’ for hours at the lake – never catching anything, but delighting in the whole experience of spending the day in the sun and water. I never really realized it until he was gone, but Hank […]

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22 05, 2014

Berry Occidental – Raspberry Wheat Beer

By |May 22, 2014|One-off Beers, Our beer|0 Comments

Sometimes the best inventions start out by accident – chocolate chip cookies, post-it notes, penicillin, the slinky, and, now, our raspberry wheat beer – Berry Occidental  :). Although this beer is a happy accident (story below), it tastes like we put all of our effort into creating the most refreshing, drinkable, summery beer in the market. Berry Occidental is […]

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5 03, 2014

Hyssop Hooray (Ho…Hey…Ho!)

By |March 5, 2014|One-off Beers, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

There are many fun aspects to owning a brewery… meeting interesting new people, tasting cheese for beer & cheese events, coming up with names for beers… I could go on :) . For me, one of my favorite parts of owning a brewery is collaborating with Annette and team on recipes and flavors, to come up with new beers that […]

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19 02, 2014

Oyster Stout

By |February 19, 2014|One-off Beers, Our beer, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

Every year in our Unafraid of the Dark III series, we craft a beer that makes a fair number of people say ‘what did you put in the beer???’. The first year we brewed a Bacon Porter that the meat lovers seemed to embrace (but turned off a few vegans.) Last year we crafted a Chocolate Beet Stout that several […]

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17 02, 2014

Salted Caramel Milk Stout

By |February 17, 2014|One-off Beers, Our beer, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

For those of you that somehow venture into our kitchen (situated at the way back of our brewery), you will see that we painted the wall above the sink with one of our mottos, which is ‘Brew what you love! Love what you brew!’. Annette and I are proud to say that for the past 2.5+ years that we […]

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17 02, 2014

Apple Betty Porter (Bam-ba-lam)

By |February 17, 2014|One-off Beers, Our beer, Unafraid of the Dark|0 Comments

About 12 years ago, I used to homebrew a beer called Apple Brown Betty.  This beer was, of course, made with fresh apples, brown sugar, & cinnamon. At the time, I never measured gravities, so I really had no idea how much the apples added to the alcohol content of the beer. All I knew was that Betty made me very, very […]

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