Tonight is Portsmouth’s Taste of the Nation – an amazing celebration of food and drink at Strawbery Banke.  Proceeds from the event go to Share our Strength Seacoast, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger.

For those of you lucky enough to get tickets before they sold out, please come by and say hello and try some (or all!) of our beers (lineup below).  For those of you who didn’t buy tickets, put a reminder in your calendar for next year now!  Trust me, this is something you don’t want to miss again.

We will be bring the following beers:

HOG HAPPY HEFEWEIZEN is a full-flavored, traditional German-style wheat beer that tastes like it comes straight from Munich, but is made with wheat from Brookford Farm. The yeast used during fermentation gives this straw-colored beer the sweet flavor and aromas of banana & clove.  ~4.9% ABV  13.5 IBU

RHUBARB WIT is a Belgian-style wheat beer with a tart twist!  Brewed with a classic combination of wheat and pilsen malt, this beer also includes additions of local raw oats, wheat and rhubarb, contributing to a rich and tangy mouthfeel.  Hints of coriander, chamomile flowers and orange peel compliments the refreshing tartness of the local rhubarb.  ~5.1% ABV   15 IBU  Note – To make this beer extra delicious, we are bringing *pureed strawberries* from Applecrest to add to this beer (yum)!

DIPPITY DO is an American-style brown ale that is as fun to drink as it is to say. Hopped like a pale ale, medium-bodied and extremely satisfying, this beer has a beautiful rich brown color with slight roasty & caramel undertones.   ~5.7% ABV  35 IBU

HOPSTRUCK is a red India Pale Ale that should appeal to the self-proclaimed “hop-heads” or IPA-lovers out there.  With a beautiful dark red color, a crisp, citrus-y aroma, and a lingering hop finish, this beer is sure to please both your eyes and your palette!   ~6.4% ABV  71 IBU

MAPLE-KISSED WHEAT PORTER is a medium-bodied porter that tastes amazingly smooth and velvety. The rich and creamy mouthfeel is a result of the wheat used in the brewing process. Local maple syrup gives this beer just a hint of palate-pleasing sweetness as well as a nice depth of flavor.   ~5.8% ABV   29 IBU

CAMPFIRE is a full-bodied, robust smoked porter. We put a lot of love into this beer – hand-smoking the malt on local applewood, giving this beer a very appealing and balanced smoky ?avor & aroma. The result? Jet-black roasty toasty goodness.  ~6.4% ABV  48 IBU

Local Ingredients Used in These Beers:

For those of you interested in knowing where your beer comes from, here are the local ingredients we used in the beers above:

Ingredient List Taste of the Nation - Throwback Brewery

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