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We have the following jobs currently open:


We are looking for part-time dishwashers to join our team. The atmosphere here is fun, quick-paced, and harmonious. If you aren’t afraid of hard work, have a passion for learning, and take pride in doing an excellent job, you could be a great fit here! Experience is preferred but not necessarily required. We want to work together with people who have a professional attitude and excellent communication skills, and can work well as a team member. Shifts are available from Wednesday through Sunday. Wage starts at $11/hour.

Brewhouse Assistant:

We have an opening for a part-time Brewhouse Assistant (with a possibility of seasonal full-time). The day to day activities of this position will be centered around assisting our lead brewer and lead cellarman with the end-to-end process of making and packaging beer, including cleaning, wort production, cleaning, documentation, measuring, fermentation, bottling, cleaning, canning, kegging, delivering beer, and more cleaning. The candidate will also need to interface with
customers through tours of the brewery, beer fests, and other brewery-focused events. This is not a brewing position.

Overall Requirements
– Experience in a production brewery and/or formal training at a brewery school desired.
– A great attention to detail and focus on quality.
– Solid problem solving skills.
– Strong mechanical background with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical
– Proper understanding of chemical and brewhouse safety.
– Self-motivation. After the appropriate amount of training, must be able to dive in without a lot
of direction.
– Interest and/or knowledge of working in a laboratory setting a plus.
– You have to be nice. We are serious about this.
– A strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

Physical Requirements
– Ability to frequently lift 50 pounds and occasionally move up to 150 pounds safely.
– Must be able to bend over, twist, kneel, climb stairs, stand for the duration of the shift, shovel
hot grain, handle hot and cold liquids.
– Must be able to work in a non-temperature controlled environment (including wet and cold
conditions), properly handle hazardous materials, and operate complex machinery.

Candidates must be able to work flexible schedules, including some evenings and weekends to assist with tours, tasting events, farmers’ markets and beer fests.

Ideal Candidate
You might be the ideal candidate if, in addition to meeting the above requirements, you:
– Are dedicated to our mission of making local beer from what is around us. If you tend to frequent farmers’ markets, that is a big bonus!
– Don’t take yourself too seriously.
– Are inherently optimistic.

Our Values

If you are thinking about applying here, please take a moment to read our core values. If this doesn’t seem like you, or these values don’t resonate with you, then perhaps we might share a beer with you one day, but working here wouldn’t be a good idea for either of us. However, if you do share these same values, please let us know when you apply!

  • Be Profoundly Kind: We treat all of our customers, vendors, and colleagues with deep respect and warmth- as if they were guests in our home.
  • Rise by Lifting Others: We enthusiastically work as a team, supporting each other to be his or her best.
  • Strive for Excellence: We strive for excellence because great isn’t good enough. We sweat the details because they truly matter. We think Pearl S. Buck nailed it here–> “The secret of joy in work is contained in one word―excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.”
  • Own it, Fix it, Move on: When there is a problem, we fix it. We are open and honest about mistakes we make. There is no need or place here to focus on blame.
  • Embrace All Misfit Toys: We are proudly an island of misfit toys. We celebrate individuality, and make everyone feel welcome.
  • Love our Community and Planet: We strive to make our community stronger and more vibrant. We are sustainability-minded – committed to minimizing our negative impact on the environment and maximizing the growth of local farms.

Interested? Please apply by e-mailing your resume to No phone calls, please.

Throwback Brewery is an Equal Opportunity Employer.